#Whomadeyourclothes – Lazygirl Lingerie

A brief discussion with one of our amazing lingerie designers Cassandra, from Lazygirl Lingerie. In the live video for Fashion Revolution Week, we briefly discuss what we have both learned with our own journeys in being involved in the slow fashion movenment.

Missy Noir & Lazygirl Lingerie:

Not only has Missy Noir been able to showcase Cassandra’s amazing designs and promote local talent but also been able to collaborate and learn from her – learning is priceless.

I have not only formed a great business partnership but also a lifelong friendship with Cassandra. It’s great to have someone who shares similar passion’s and goals. Bounce
around our ideas, eco-friendly tips, ethical dilemmas, lingerie designs, body image, period pains, pop-ups, fundraisers… Excited to continue to collaborate with Cassandra!

We often laugh how Missy Noir & Lazygirl Lingerie have a lot of the same ideas however completely different personalities at the same time. Lazygirl Lingerie, as the name might suggest likes the quiet life, being cozy at home with her cup of tea, favourite book and feeling sultry in her handmade lingerie. Whilst Missy Noir thrives on the chaos, running around town with her non-matching set ready for whatever adventure comes at her.

Designer Interview about Fashion Revolution Week – Lazygirl Lingerie.

Cassandra dreams her designs, sketches, and creates a final product all from her studio in Queensland, Australia. Each piece is hand-made, the result being a signature style that oozes femininity and sophistication… but it’s something more I cannot put into words. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s unique…

Having collaborated with Lazygirl I can vouch for the care of the design process; with in-house pattern making and sampling processes, recycling and re-using practices, limiting waste and each piece is made to order.

Cassandra takes immense pride in personally hand making every one of her orders. This bespoke production method allows for personalised customizations to be made and also decreases waste. We believe this process is a unique advantage of supporting an independent label.
The personal touch and love is evident throughout her pieces.