Bonnie wearing the tempest bralette. We love this lingerie outfit!

The Best Lingerie to Suit Your Mood – Sassy vs Sexy

Written by Rachel Rennie

Whether it’s time to head to work and land the new big client, or date night with the bae, we tend to focus on how our outfit choice will define us. The right dress, the right shoes – what message are we sending to the world? Do I come across as powerful, likeable, sexy or sassy? There may be more to “power dressing” than the perfect pair of heels and it starts with what you’re wearing underneath. Dressing is more than looking good, it’s about choosing an outfit that defines you. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a set of lingerie from our unique collection, one for each mood. Let yourself shine through, find your mood, and go get ‘em.

1. Messy Bun & Getting it Done.

Naughty or Nice Set

You have a client to land, a presentation to give, the gym, grocery shopping, a dinner to cook and the boyfriend’s parents coming over for dinner. You need to rock the day and you have definitely pulled your hair back into a bun. Nothing is getting in your way.

Try rocking the Naughty Or Nice set. With a racer back contrasted with a soft and delicate black mesh, you’ll be set for the gym or the boardroom. The ‘Nice’ wide ribbon decoration provides extra support while giving you a gentle reminder throughout the day – play nice, but not too nice.

2. Date Night Vibes

Ash Grey Lingerie Set
It’s Saturday night, you swiped right, chatted for a while, and you’re heading out to meet-up. They may be a keeper or a dud, but regardless you’ve dressed just in case. Even if you grab Maccas and head home alone, you’ll be damned if you don’t feel damn hot doing so. So what to wear?

You step away from the usual black and pull on the Ash Grey Lingerie Set. Soft lace? Check. Delicate grey colour? Check. Sexy black harness waist? Check.

However your night goes, you’ll start and end it looking good.

3. Sunday Relaxing

Mia Set
We all know Sundays are for watching Netflix, preferably in bed. So it’s time to relax, maybe plan the week ahead, with no reason to move from your cozy position (unless it’s to get food of course).

This Sunday you can leave the faded PJ’s in the drawer and feel a hint of playfulness all day. There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a hidden sensuality under the covers.

The Mia Set has you covered, a set carefully hand-made with an embroidered cream mesh, finished with delicate pink bows.

4. Power Dressing

powerful women in a boss babe lingerie outfit.

Quinn Bodysuit
We all have those days. Days when we need that extra something; an extra kick in our step or an extra push to get the job done. Maybe it’s nailing a job interview, heading out on a first date or heading to a final exam. Days when we need to tell ourselves in the quiet moments “you got this.”

You need black, lace, and to remember how bold and unique you really are.

Feel powerful in the Quinn bodysuit with stunning lace detail that embraces your body and a sexy high-waisted brief with a bold cut-out design.

5. Playtime

Willa Bodysuit
It’s playtime! Time to be you. Unique, sensual, fun and playful. Let your colours shine bright with a hot one-piece like the Willa Bodysuit. The perfect mix of romance and vibrant drama.

It’s not an overstatement – the way we dress impacts the way we feel, and the way we feel impacts how we greet the world. Start right with the best lingerie to suit your mood and show the world what makes you unique.

Wearing the perfect set of lingerie does more than simply hide a visible underwear line, or boost your cleavage. It empowers. You pull it out from the drawer, lay it on your bed beside your outfit and decide, “this is who I am today”. You drop your towel and pull your underwear on, slip your bralette over your head. You turn and face the mirror. Maybe you check out how good your booty really does look in this lace. You feel strong, empowered and sensual.