Natural Fibres Collection – Silk Lingerie

Missy Noir and Lazy Girl Lingerie were picked as one of the local designers featured at the recent EKKA natural fibres fashion parades. The choice to showcase lingerie in the fashion parade was one obvious to Cassandra and Justene; lingerie supports women to feel not only sensual, but empowered in their body image and confident in their unique shape and curves.

In Australia, the EKKA fashion parades are the longest running fashion tradition. Showcasing great natural fibres Queensland produces and the importance of our agricultural sector. In carrying on the tradition the main part of the brief was to feature a natural fibre. This was a new design process for us with stepping away from our love or lace and using beautiful natural silks. This year’s theme was Enchanted Winter and silk could not be anymore perfect to capture and transport the audience to a mysterious wonderland.

Why Silk Lingerie?

We love silk as a sustainable fabric and eco-friendly qualities such as:
– A renewable source 
– Capable of decomposition (which synthetics are not) 
– Generally longer lasting which decreases waste and landfill
– A significantly lower environmental impact than conventional cotton and synthetic materials
– A natural and breathable fabric
– Rich in amino factors which helps nourish the skin, increase vitality of skin cells and prevent UV radiation
– Considered ‘the second skin’ as it also antimicrobial and perfect for sensitive skin.

Photographer: Ciara Mia Photography
Model: Brianna Randell
HMUA: Jessica Ruby Beauty
Jewellery: Blanke Jewels

Enchanted Winter Collection: