Mum's feeling fab and sexy in lingerie.

Mums – Can, do & want to be sexy!

There is nothing Mums can’t do right? And feeling sexy is just another one to add to the list. Treating themselves to an outfit is something they may feel guilty about and lingerie is a gift they probably indulge in even less often.

Women want it all, trying to squeeze every minute of everyday in raising children and perhaps juggling a career – now that’s a whole other blog post in itself.

Pregnancy can have a big impact on body confidence and feeling ‘sexy’. A little reminder to take the time to love themselves is a perfect little boost to help mums feel sexy again and we say go for it! There are only positives to be gained by a little self-love. And lingerie is the perfect gift to help accentuate those new beautiful curves. Is that where the quote came from ‘accentuate what your mumma gave you’ or was it ‘shake what your mumma gave ya’?

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

So with Mother’s Day around the corner here are our top lingerie picks for all those amazing Mum’s out there. It really doesn’t matter if no one else sees it as that’s half the fun. It can be as comfy or naughty as they want without judgment. Lingerie sets the mood for the day

Comfy Mum

You’ll usually find her in her dressing gown and slippers. Cozy, warm and comfort is key.

Lingerie pick:
OTS Enchanted Bodysuit


It’s made with the slinkiest and softest jersey that feels magnificent on your skin.

Not only is it a great around the house item it it’s perfect to wear out with no other underwear needed. Just team it with a high waisted skirt or jeans and you’re ready to go out in style and comfort!

Sustainable Mum

She’ll be always making sure you are getting all your nutrients with her latest juice creation and cures your cold with her amazing natural remedies.

Lingerie Pick:
Silk Bralette & Panties

Silk is not only sustainable but also beautiful, soft and long lasting. If you haven’t looked up all the eco-friendly benefits of silk you can read about them here.

Mum will be left feeling very special for years to come in our silk bralette duo.

Social Butterfly Mum

She loves helping out at school excursions more than the kids and entertaining at her delicious dinner parties. Any excuse to catch up with everyone.

Magenta lace lingerie set

Lingerie Pick:
Willa Bodysuit

“Magenta is unconventional that prides itself on being unique, it’s also a friendly and welcoming color. Magenta is also agreeable, very helpful and doesn’t like confrontation.”

She’ll feel the best version of herself so she can be warm and welcoming to anyone she may meet.

Boss Babe Mum

Career mum works hard in the office and harder at home. She’s a high achiever, wants it all, the kids, the husband, the house, the job, the life. Killing it and who knows how she keeps it all together.

Lingerie Pick:
Quinn Bodysuit

The best work to drinks outfit. Sophisticated but sexy. Also who has time to change outfits when running for an empire. Simply put on that boss jacket and Mum is ready to run both the home and the world.

Sporty Spice Mum

Active mum, always on the go and never misses the gym. Keeping the energy flowing with the latest juices and healthy eating. It’s the only time out she is non-negotiable about, if you mess up her hour of power watch out – she won’t be a happy mum.

Lingerie Pick:
Bamboo Romper

All that running around calls for a breathable fabric.

Bamboo fabric is antibacterial, sweat absorbent, keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, UV protectant and super super soft.