Melbourne Cup Fashion Show

Melbourne Cup attracts nearly 100, 000 people to Flemington every year. For some of those not lucky enough to attend in Melbourne this year, instead received something special with a  twist on the usual catwalk.

Missy Noir held its first fashion runway event for Melbourne Cup, 2017. Located at Freddie’s on James Street, Brisbane at a private event. We had a wonderful day organising bralette outfits and lingerie to be seen for this event.

Melbourne cup is known as one of the most influential fashion events so why wouldn’t we want to join in! With the help of an emerging young designer – Isabella Charles – who designed and made some beautiful sheer tops, dresses and the famous embellished pants we strutted down the runway and made heads turn. Showcasing some of our lingerie collection highlighting vibrant colours, contrasting textures and romantic silhouettes for the Melbourne Cup Catwalk 2017.

Whilst the day wasn’t perfect, it definitely was full of fun! And we can’t wait to do it again. Bigger and Better!

Big shout out to all that helped, it was such an exciting day.

The fabulous Models:
Bonnie Wood
Katherine Gage
Tayla Pearson
Anna-Pei Jiang

Photography: James Geer

Hair: Meikayla Kourmoulis

Makeup: Reanin Glah

Fasinators: Terristeral by Tess

Music: Simo Squires

Director: Justene Sharp-Jones