Cupid’s Undie Run

Gold Coast 2019

Missy Noir & Lazygirl had a fantastic Sunday running on the beach in our lingerie. We joined in on raising awareness for the Children’s Tumour Foundation; the only charity in Australia supporting families with Neurofibromatosis.

Our #dare2bare to help empower those suffering with the NF to #celebratedifference because stripped down we are all human nor perfect and that’s ok!

I’ve never been very keen on Valentines Day, but 2019 was by far the best Valentines I’ve ever had. Valentine’s Day is always a fine line between mushy, putrid and … but I couldn’t exactly do nothing as it’s basically the unofficial lingerie day of the year. So when I came across Cupid’s Undie Run I thought great; I have found something that combines all my passions into one.

I’ve been looking for a charity for a long time that would fit in with Missy Noir and my own personal interests. I finally found one that fits and I love the values behind the Cupid’s Undie Run that Missy Noir also shares. The messaging behind #dare2bare, #celebratedifference is that stripped down we are all human with scars, stretch marks or birthmarks. Empowering those suffering NF that it’s ok to be different.

Was it worth it?

Yes, and I’ll do it over and over again. I didn’t know it would leave such a massive impact.

We hope that us running in our undies and showing off most of our vulnerabilities helped those with NF feel less excluded from society, provide confidence and strength, and also show them that we are there for them. Perhaps it also helped people outside this charity realise how embarrassing it can be when you feel that everyone is looking at you and the things you can’t hide in your undies. I’m sure this is how some people feel nearly everyday.

Missy Noir & Lazygirl Lingerie raised just over $1000 which will go towards sustaining support services for people living with NF, to fund research for treatments and help find a cure for this debilitating condition.

A HUGE THANK-YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO DONATED. We would LOVE to make this a yearly tradition and hope you will join us next time for this fun worldwide pants off party!