ColieCo leading the way in ethical fashion.

ColieCo Lingerie produces eco-friendly and ethically-sound lingerie and swimwear in a home-based studio by the ocean in Sagres, Portugal.

Receiving recognition for their seductive, girly and fun fashion garments that are aesthetically pleasing, comfy, and a great fit. Zero compromises on ethical design and manufacture. ColieCo is writing a new rulseset for independent ethical fashion.

They use recycled and reclaimed fabrics, minimise waste, and work with line ends and local suppliers to control our carbon footprint. We use only biodegradable and recyclable packaging and continually
review our processes to improve our end-to-end environmental performance.

ColieCo products currently use the following materials (amongst others):

RPET fabric

– RPET polyester uses recycled plastic bottles and other recyclable plastics in its manufacture

– 33%-53% less energy is used to produce RPET when compared with virgin polyester

– Fewer harmful emissions are also produced in manufacturing RPET

– Our design is laser-printed onto the fabric, meaning zero water pollution from dyeing as opposed to traditional dyeing techniques

Organic cotton and bamboo jersey fabric

– From non-genetically modified plants, and grown without the use of synthetic agricultural pesticides

Eco leather

– Reconstituted from industry leather offcut scraps otherwise destined for the bin

Industry fabric line ends

– Short runs of industry line ends discarded as waste by large scale manufacturers/retailers

Elastic knitted and sew in labels woven and printed in the UK

Wherever possible, sourced locally to minimise transport-related CO2E emissions. Futhermore, all items are hand made in house and to order to ensure no overproduction-related waste.