Big Boobie Bash 2019!

Brisbane G cup empowering women.

Missy Noir has been lucky enough to be apart of the last two Big Boobie Bash events hosted by @ConfessionsofaGcup. It’s not surprising that the next one held in June will be even bigger and better with the event being relocated AGAIN to be able to fit everyone in (luckily Georgia has some experience with that :P)

IT’S HERE! Didn’t get to experience #bigboobiebash in person or even if you did we all get to re-live the day! I am extremely humbled that I have been able to create an event such as Big Boobie Bash. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to attend, thank you to the sponsors who graciously donated and thank you to the models who went out of the comfort zones and absolutely rocked the catwalk!

Posted by Confessions of a gcup on Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Despite the name, BBB events are a time to get together and celebrate boobs of all sizes! Whether you were from the A-Team or had melons that would make a fruit salad jealous everyone is welcome (words stolen from GCUP :)). The next Brisbane event will be in June, so get your girlfriends together for an afternoon full of fun!

Who is Confessions of a G Cup?

Brisbane gal the one and only behind confessions of a g cup
Georgia – Confessions of a G cup

@ConfessionsofaGcup AKA Georgia is the creator of Big Boobie Bash. Georgia is responsible for the afternoon full of fun, networking, storytelling, advice, cocktails, a heap of giveaways (who doesn’t love that), delicious food and… many more cocktails. It has always been an amazing event and so easy to mingle with a diverse and friendly bunch of incredible ladies.

Whatever Georgia is doing, it’s working. Proving that a diverse yet supportive community of women does exist – one where everyone gets along and women ACTUALLY empower each other. This is exactly what Missy Noir stands for, because who doesn’t need more support in their lives!

Big Boobie Bash 2018

Missy Noir and the BBB2018

Last year, #BBB2018 added in its’ first catwalk showcasing the latest lingerie, swimwear, and loungewear from a range of designers. The lingerie runway featured a diverse range of models, all shapes and all sizes, such as 6H, 8GG, 10E, 10F, 12DD and 14D. Just ‘everyday women’ such as nurses and an aviation specialist, that took the body confidence challenge and flaunted it to help everyone else. It was probably the most fun we have ever had at a runway!

Posted by Missy Noir on Friday, 2 November 2018

Missy Noir isn’t going to lie, she was a little surprised that she managed to fit all the Big Boobie Bash models with her collection! We always knew our bralettes weren’t just for the itty bitty committee however, the bra alphabet went to places we haven’t been before.

So take on the challenge and words from Georgia – you don’t know if you don’t try. Often we all get stuck with an attitude like; “oh that won’t fit me”, “that won’t look good on me”, “I won’t like that”, “I could never pull that off”, “I’m too fat”, “I’ll never look as good as her”, “it’s only for tan girls”, “it’s only for skinny girls”, “it’s only for curvy women”, “I’m too flat”, “yeh but she has…”… However, the fact is you won’t know if you don’t give it a chance.

If you like something then why not try it? We rarely will find someone modelling an item that we believe resembles ourselves because we are all different plus even if we did we’d probably not realise it. Another FACT just because you didn’t find what you were looking for it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It was lovely meeting all you wonderful women that were at the last BBB! A special thanks to Georgia and all the models that made it a day to remember (Kristy, Blaire, Eloise, Phoebe, Carla, Katie, Negin &Tina).

I have even made some new friends that I’m sure I’ll see again shortly!

Sending self-love,
Missy Noir