Who is Missy Noir?

Missy Noir is a contemporary girl, streaked with a sensuousness that runs through everything she does.

She’s dynamic, independent and enjoying life is what she’s about. From her wardrobe of beautiful handmade bralettes she picks one to match her current mood, throwing a sheer top over the top and showing off her favourite lingerie.

And – voila – she’s out the door, for a playdate with the world.

Her free-spirited side refuses to be restricted by underwear which conforms her to a cup size: she only wear pieces that enhance her unique shape. Of course, these are beautiful enough to be seen, and liveable enough to be worn – allowing her to be the most confident and empowered self.

We probably don’t have to tell you, but Missy Noir’s taste is second to none.

And she wants to share her favourite pieces with you from all around the world.